Cautionary Tales

Changemaking for children should be fun. In place of gloom and doom scenarios, here’s some mischievous levity to help children understand our global challenges and terrify their parents into action.  
Series includes:  
Cleevers Adolphid de Luna, who ate endangered fish and was canned.
Jard Masiah, who destroyed the rainforest and was barbequed.
The Slubs, who hunted pangolins and went extinct.
Jeffers Preston B. Adare, who fuelled climate change and is now underwater.
Van Peezer, who electrocuted the ocean floor and was struck by lightning.
Faustus Godivver, who poisoned a river and was swept away by a flood.  

We create multidimensional learning experiences that nurture our sense of connection to nature, so that in whatever field of endeavour we choose, we understand ourselves as part of Earth’s ecosystem.

We realise from the earliest years that our actions have a systemic impact, that instead of being an unconscious, or mindless, agent of our world’s demise, we can be a mindful, conscious part of co-creating a word with a future.

As well as formalised classroom-based learning, we create curriculums and resources that develop practices for spiritual wholeness, and for the full exploration and development of the unique gifts or attributes that each child brings. Our learning cycles continually revisit the topics we have identified as key to the knowledge and skills children will need to thrive in today’s world, building and deepening this knowing with each rotation.