“A huge amount of work has gone into this, and it is unbelievably informative for that age group – actually, for any age group! If one of your purposes was to educate adults via their children, it has succeeded massively.”

Jonathan Porritt CBE, Founder Forum for the Future, UK

“A joyous abundance of a book with hope dripping off the page. I’d like every young person to have it and every older person to have the recipe for this cocktail of delight at their fingertips!“

Sir Tim Smit Author, Co-founder of the Eden Project

“Our children were fascinated by the Makerzine - the facts and information had them entranced and sparked a fierce curiosity about our fragile planet and its glorious seas.  Getting involved as a family sparked conversations that were not only fascinating but a valuable insight into how passionately they care about our environment.  We couldn’t get enough!”

Marina and Ben Fogle, Broadcaster, Writer, Adventurer, U

“Planetari is more than a book, it is an adventure!  The activities provide opportunities for action-orientated learning, which is a critical component of both 21st century education and sustainable education.  Until now there has been a lack of sustainability literature available for students and teachers to use in the classroom.  It has been a pleasure to experience this makerzine, which is an innovative educational resource.”

Katie Norman CEO, Sustainable Schools Network Limited, Australia

“The future could be wildly different.  It needs to be for our planet to be restored to health.  Cindy Forde and Bethany Lord’s inspirational Bright New World shows young people that a wilder, better future is closer than we think – in fact it is within their generation’s grasp.”

Charles Clover Author, Co - Founder of the Blue Marine Foundation

“Cindy Forde gives us all the keys and solutions for an exciting future of justice, equality and sustainability in which no one is left behind. With marvellous illustrations from  Bethany Lord, this is a call to action and a real message of hope: we can do it all together, we have the power to make change.”

Princess Esméralda of Belgium, Author, Activist, Journalist

“Magical, this makes me wish I were a child again, as I can see the world does have a bright future” 

Arizona Muse, Super Model, Activist, Founder DIRT

“Children hold the answer to protecting our planet. This book shows the Bright New World we can have to restore, regenerate and truly care for the planet with hope and love. “

Antoinette Vermilye, Founder, Gallifrey Foundation

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