This series introduces children to the unsung heroes who keep our planet working. The series focuses on the eco-systems services that individual animals or plants provide, the benefits they bring to Earth, the threats they face, and how these can be combated.   From coral, to butterflies and earthworms, feisty and courageous creatures tell their stories, explaining their lives and their purpose, painting a clear picture of our world as an interconnected system where every life, no matter how small, is an important component part.
Series includes:  

The coral who makes a fuss

Sir Worm

On how he earned his knighthood


A bug hugging butterfly with a bee in her bonnet

We create multidimensional learning experiences that nurture our sense of connection to nature, so that in whatever field of endeavour we choose, we understand ourselves as part of Earth’s ecosystem.

We realise from the earliest years that our actions have a systemic impact, that instead of being an unconscious, or mindless, agent of our world’s demise, we can be a mindful, conscious part of co-creating a word with a future.

As well as formalised classroom-based learning, we create curriculums and resources that develop practices for spiritual wholeness, and for the full exploration and development of the unique gifts or attributes that each child brings. Our learning cycles continually revisit the topics we have identified as key to the knowledge and skills children will need to thrive in today’s world, building and deepening this knowing with each rotation.