For the Very Young

Pinki and Napolea
Adventures on the Pale Blue Dot

A series of adventures for children aged 3-7.

Led by Napolea, a little afro-celt from London E9 and her best friend Pinki, a dreamer bear in a pink rabbit suit. The series celebrates peoples of the world, their music and culture, the worth of our natural environment and animals we share it with.

Picture books/YouTube animation. Three Stories:



Grandma January

We create multidimensional learning experiences that nurture our sense of connection to nature, so that in whatever field of endeavour we choose, we understand ourselves as part of Earth’s ecosystem.

We realise from the earliest years that our actions have a systemic impact, that instead of being an unconscious, or mindless, agent of our world’s demise, we can be a mindful, conscious part of co-creating a word with a future.

As well as formalised classroom-based learning, we create curriculums and resources that develop practices for spiritual wholeness, and for the full exploration and development of the unique gifts or attributes that each child brings. Our learning cycles continually revisit the topics we have identified as key to the knowledge and skills children will need to thrive in today’s world, building and deepening this knowing with each rotation.